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Sober Living

Helping you maintain your recovery!
Managed with Compassion

Sober living serves to help individuals transition from treatment into daily life. For some individuals, returning home to old environments is stressful and triggering so sober living serves as a way to help transition back into daily life while helping to maintain supported and nurturing recovery.

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The Transition

Working toward a lifetime of recovery.

All clients are required to work, participate in school, or volunteer in addition to a minimum of five hours of aftercare each week. Aftercare may include individual therapy, groups, or service work within alternative or 12-step-oriented programs. We provide our clients with an extensive list of resources in the greater Los Angeles area that cater to all approaches to sobriety.

The Amenities

Rebos provides an environment that is safe and secure.

Here, our staff can assist in rebuilding the life our clients desire while living with like-minded peers. Each member of our sober living is a member of the Rebos family.

What we provide:
  • 24 hour staff
  • All single rooms
  • Private cottages
  • Food included
  • Transportation for clinical appointments and personal errands
  • Walking distance to Santa Monica College
  • 32" flat screen TV in each room
  • Laundry service
  • 1500 thread count sheets

For tours or additional information, please call or email today.

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